UK vintage fairground and seaside attractions

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The weather is due to pick up next month and with the summer holidays not far away, we’re taking a look at three of the UK’s top vintage attractions!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Of course, Blackpool’s iconic pleasure beach would be featured. Shadowed by the glorified attractions are equally glamorous vintage rides. The Flying Machines go back to 1904, approximately eight years after the Pleasure Beach was unveiled to the public by the Thompson family who are currently still maintaining and operating it. Along with the Flying Machines, the popular seaside resort has other fairground attractions that date a few years back: the Wild Mouse was built in 1958; the Derby Racer was built a year later in 1959; and the Ghost Train, that was actually the first ride to adopt that name across the globe in 1930.

Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, Devon

Even though the attraction is situated in the centre of Devon, it is a depository of seaside attractions. Dingles is home to dodgems, one of the most popular rides, that we made in 1932. There is also a vintage arcade dating back to the 60s, along with Brett’s Ghost Train which has four of its original cars. The oldest of the rides is unoperational, built in 1880, and is perhaps the oldest in the country.

Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight

The oldest theme park in the UK, owned by the Dabell family was built in 1843. Blackgang Chine can be found hidden in a ravine on the south coast of the Isle. It boasts quite an aesthetically pleasing site with glimpses of animatronic dinosaurs in the foliage, a rollercoaster making a beeline towards a cliff, and spotting fairies that are hiding out in the woods. The Crooked House had been built in 1968 and mostly remains unchanged.

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