Banksy’s Dismaland at Weston-super-Mare

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Banksy has taken his notorious artistry to the next level with the creation of Disneylands’ younger, rebellious sibling: Dismaland.

Weston-super-Mare has a rather unpleasant addition – and it’s not the British weather. Instead, it’s Banksy’s theme park, dubbed a ‘bemusement’ park and ‘his biggest project yet’; it’s a collaboration of sort that showcases ‘the best artists’ he could imagine, including many weird, wonderful and truly extraordinary pieces of artwork expected from such a feat.

The park opened on Friday 21st August, at 11am following a sell-out of online tickets. Eager fans queued in the rain opposite the Dismaland castle, unaffected by the miserable conditions as they awaited to tour the theme park and take a look at the likes of the Grim Reaper riding the dodgems, an unfortunate crash involving Cinderella – we guess she shan’t be going to the ball, and even check in through cardboard airport security.

Weston-super-Mare is seeing an incredible surge in tourists with thanks to the art show, as they flock to its lido that opened in 1937 and closed in 2000. It seems locals were led to believe the installations for the theme park were a part of a Hollywood crime thriller film set.

Dismaland will be open until 27th September, offering up 4,000 tickets daily up for grabs online on the bemusement park’s website for £3 each. The park is set to hold musical performances from a variety of music artists including Run the Jewels, Kate Tempest, DJ Yoda, a comedy night and much more.

Banksy himself, whose identity has eluded us since the appearance of his street art, is set to possibly be wandering amongst the crowds at the theme park. Good luck on your search and let us know if you spot him!

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