£98 million lottery cash boost to UK heritage sites

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Some of the top heritage sites in the UK are set to receive a £98-million lottery cash boost.

The heritage sites are set to receive almost £100-million in lottery funding in hopes to preserve the UK’s rich historic sites.

Millions of pounds will be used towards the refurbishment of one of the country’s earliest factories, as well as funding a new railway museum, the restoration of Lincoln Cathedral, and a special project, ‘save our sounds’ that is dedicated to digitising birdsongs, accents and other notable recordings.

London’s Science Museum will be getting £8-million for a big redevelopment project on its medicine galleries that currently hold approximately 3,000 objects that show the transformation in our health and medicine over the span of five centuries.

John Whittingdale, the culture secretary of the Heritage Lottery Fun, commented on the cash boost: “I’m thrilled that nine exciting projects across England and Scotland will benefit from this significant £98-million investment. Whether it’s a new railway museum in Leicester, Lovell telescope at Cheshire’s Jodrell Bank or saving the UK’s most vulnerable sound recordings at the British Library, these grants will not only make a lasting difference to local areas and the UK’s wider heritage, but will also culture to inspire young people to learn more about science and technology for generations to come.”

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